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TIRUCHY: With the government easing standards and allowing farm workers to work in the fields, agricultural activities, especially transplanting summer rice, have gradually accelerated in some places. However, farmers are still worried about the lack of adequate labor.

Farmers in Sunnambukkaranpatti were seen hiring laborers and undertaking paddy transplant work on Monday. Muthu, a farmer from the village, said: “For the past five days we have been at home. Many of us were worried about the fate of the rice nurseries we have raised because they have to be transplanted within a certain time frame, otherwise they would be of no use. We are now relieved that the government has relaxed the standards for agricultural activities. “

But farmers fear that they will have enough workers to work with a daily wage, as most fear venturing out due to fear of the coronavirus. For example, Selvarani, a farmer, had to visit the homes of farm workers and persuade them to come to work. She managed to convince eight workers to proceed with the transplant instead of the 12 required for her three acres. Workers were urged to maintain social distance in the fields.

Likewise, Anbu, a farmer from Vengur village, was seen repairing his pump motor for growing sesame and black gram on his four acres. He said, “Usually I hire outside workers to sow seeds. This time, I mobilized four people from my own village for the job. I was afraid to miss it because we have to finish the cultivation of sesame and black gram before the start of the next paddy season. “

Although there are several fertilizer shops located near Gandhi Market, only one was open in the afternoon.
Meanwhile, Agriculture Ministry officials announced the government’s order to relax standards for fertilizer store owners. Ashokan, Co-Director of Agriculture, said: “We have informed the Fertilizer Store Owners Association about the relaxation of agricultural activities and the sale and transport of fertilizers and pesticides. The message reached them all.

However, many farmers are still hesitant to start work because they are unaware of the relaxations. They deplore the unavailability of fertilizers and pesticides for their crops.

Help at your fingertips to ensure harvests
Chennai: Lockdown will not be a problem for farmers in Nagapattinam, Tiruvarur, Tiruchy, Salem, Theni and Kanniyakumari to insure their crops under the Prime Minister’s crop insurance program as the deadline expires on March 31 . Co-directors of the Agriculture Department have been appointed to assist the farmers. Contact numbers are: Nagapattinam (9750197636), Tiruvarur, (7397753311), Trichy (9443021750), Salem (9944980436, Theni (9443828843) and Kanayakumari (9965568051).

Can buy seeds, fertilizers
Vellore: Farmers in Vellore can purchase seeds, fertilizers and pesticides from the licensed cooperative and private depots from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily, District Collector A Shanmuga Sundaram said on Monday.

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