APEDA will formulate a strategy to promote the export of natural agricultural products


The Commerce Ministry’s branch, APEDA, said on Friday it was formulating a strategy to promote the export of natural agricultural products, which hold huge potential in world markets.

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is consulting with the Ministry of Agriculture to develop production standards and a certification system.

“As the demand for natural products increases and consumers demand greater quantities of foods, cosmetics and medicines containing natural ingredients, APEDA is in the process of formulating a strategy to promote the export of natural agricultural products,” he said.

Adopting natural farming is a win-win situation for farmers, as the recognition of these products will support farmers with higher prices and the added value of these products will earn more foreign exchange in the global market, a- he added.

APEDA has also taken several initiatives to sensitize producers, exporters, various state government officials and other stakeholders on exploiting the export potential of organic products and the requirements of the National Program for Organic Production. (NPOP).

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in her budget speech said natural agriculture without chemicals will be promoted across the country, with focus on farmers’ land in five-kilometre-wide corridors first along the Ganges river.

Natural farming is practiced in Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat.

“It is expected that the Northeast region and hill states may also be potential states for natural farming due to its typical farming practices with negligible application of agricultural inputs,” he said. .

Natural or chemical-free farming is a method of cultivation in which farmyard manure, cow and buffalo dung, urine vermicompost and other natural ingredients are used to grow crops instead of the urea, diammonium phosphate and other synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

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