AWS Launches New Services for APAC Enterprises

AWS Launches New Services for APAC Enterprises

Amazon Web Services introduced a range of new service updates aimed at helping its Asia-Pacific customers deploy machine learning at scale, quickly create digital twins, and build complete applications.

The company announced the general availability of AWS IoT TwinMaker, which can compile existing data from multiple sources to allow users to create virtual representations of any physical environment.

Meanwhile, AWS Amplify Studio, an extension of the AWS Amplify Web Development Toolkit, will act as a visual development environment that developers can use to easily complete web applications in hours instead of weeks.

The Amazon Aurora Serverless cloud database suite has been upgraded with a new version capable of automatically scaling database workloads to hundreds of thousands of transactions in a fraction of a second.

Finally, the company announced an extension to its Amazon Textract machine learning service that uses machine learning to extract important data from written documents, such as date of birth from tax returns.

AWS Chief Technologist for Asia Pacific and Japan, Olivier Klein, said the new applications will help meet demand for machine learning solutions and other advanced technologies in the region.

“In 2022, we are seeing greater adoption of machine learning in Asia-Pacific, with organizations implementing a wide variety of use cases, including recommendation engines, scientific research, logistics, agriculture and fraud detection,” he said.

“By putting machine learning in the hands of every builder and bringing more services to the region, we are committed to enabling our customers across the region to develop new, innovative solutions that drive business productivity, improve life and protect our planet.”

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