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BAMSI joins the Department of Social Services as a food assistance provider

Social Services Customers Can Now Purchase BAMSI’s $20 Product Box With Voucher

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The new president of the Bahamas Agriculture & Marine Science Institute (BAMSI), Senator Erecia Hepburn, paid a courtesy visit to Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Obie Wilchcombe on Tuesday, during which she discussed the possibility for BAMSI to become an authorized supplier of the ministry’s food aid (voucher) programme.

This move would provide marginalized people and communities with better access to fruits and vegetables.

As a seller, program participants will be able to use their vouchers to purchase BAMSI’s $20 box of products. The institute also intends to redistribute and channel food where there may be a surplus for reduced sale/donation to the ministry and its customers.

Hepburn took the opportunity of the courtesy call to also discuss BAMSI’s focus on food safety, highlighting a number of upcoming initiatives the institute is set to launch which will have an impact on the country’s heavy food import bill in the long run.

The goal, she said, “is to provide more Bahamians with equitable access to healthy, locally grown, quality food.”

She pointed out that as a ministry that works closely with underprivileged women, children and families who need government support to live and exist often in the most basic way, BAMSI saw the importance of partner with them specifically regarding their feeding programs. but also from an academic point of view.

Classes in backyard agriculture, landscaping, and aquaponics are all programs that can help people transition into the entrepreneurial role and also show families how to feed themselves.

Hepburn further highlighted the unique position that BAMSI holds as the only tertiary institution in the country that focuses exclusively on agriculture, marine science and related fields.

Through public school systems, after-school programs, clubs, and volunteer opportunities, young social service clients can also learn skills that can open the door to their educational path, providing them with training and education in areas important.

The President hopes that those participating in the school feeding program will also have access to BAMSI’s products as an option in their meal packages and that the partnership with the Department of Social Services will be fruitful and productive.

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