Beginning of agricultural activities in the Ayacut region of Kalingarayan


After the release of water from the Bhavanisagar Dam into the Kalingarayan Canal, the farmers began to prepare the land for the cultivation of rice, turmeric and sugar cane during the current season in the district.

Water was discharged into the canal on August 21 for agriculture on 15,743 acres (6,374 hectares) of land spread over the Erode, Modakkurichi and Kodumudi taluks. While turmeric is cultivated in over 60% of ayacut areas, sugar cane is cultivated in 30% of the land and bananas in the rest of the land. The canal runs through town to Vairapalayam and Karungalpalayam where farmers have started to prepare the land for growing rice. While a few farmers began to sow paddy seeds in nurseries, others plowed and prepared the land for cultivation.

The canal runs 91.10 km from Kalingarayanpalayam anicut to Bhavani and finally joins the Noyyal river at Avadaparai near Salai Pudur. On Wednesday, the water passed through the village of Panjalingapuram in Modakkurichi Taluk, covering more than 30 km in the past week.

KM Krishnamurthy, Secretary of Kalingarayan Pasana Sabai said The Hindu that due to renovations in the canal, the flow of water was hampered in many places and therefore it would take more than a week for the water to reach the farmers in the tail. He wanted the replacement of the canal locks to be completed as soon as possible so that the water supply to farmers was not hampered.

Farmers said turmeric is the most preferred crop in Modakkurichi and Kodumudi regions for the current season and they expect prices to improve in the market. Currently, turmeric was sold for between 6,500 and 7,000 per quintal and they expect the price to increase once the harvest season begins.

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