Best butcher delivery services in London and beyond


he way of shopping has changed dramatically over the past few decades, accelerated by the pandemic.

Let us no longer throw things thoughtlessly into our baskets or carts; the savvy, modern consumer wants to know where and how their purchase got into their hands.

Grocery shopping is the perfect example. Where once we wouldn’t hesitate to buy strawberries grown in Spain in November or pick up a bouquet of out-of-season peonies, nowadays we all strive for local, ethical and organic benefits for the body. . , house and soul.

With barbecues scheduled every weekend from now until early October, getting your mitts on premium burgers, sausages, kebabs, chicken and other meats for the grill is probably top of the list. shopping list for barbecue lovers.

So to make your feast easier, we’ve put together a little black book of the best butchery delivery services in town.

From purveyors to London’s luxury hotels to freelance artisans, here are the best butcher delivery services to have on digital speed dial.

Piper Farm

Piper Farm

Barbecue season is back in full force; get a head start with an order from Pipers Farm. The company guarantees quality by working with 40 local small farms about an hour from their home.

All meats is grass-fed and free-range, with options covering everything from family favorites like steak patties, turkey burgers and cumberland sausages, to sirloin, top beef and short ribs .

Reduce the rush to the supermarket by getting one of the all-in-one Pipers Farms a barbecue boxes, which come with ready-to-grill components as well as extras like squishy buns and non-negotiable sauce bottles. The way is a good choice for small parties, with at least 20 servings of meat to feast on.

Don’t miss Sustainable BBQ Fuel for a greener way to start your fire.

Abel & Coe

Abel & Coe

Since 1988, Abel & Coe has been synonymous with organic fruit and vegetables – but did you know that it also offers meat to order?

On a mission to fill the country’s fridges and bellies with better, fresher food, the company offers a selection of premium cuts, with seafood, game, red meat, poultry and alternatives. take-out plant-based meatballs. Whether you’re planning a big garden party this summer or want to keep your freezer stocked with options for an impromptu grill, meat canisters offer variety and better value. The Seasonal meat and fish box (£18) is ready to deliver the best flavor from trusted farms with high wellness standards.

Ordering a box is a great way to get high-quality ingredients if you’re having trouble getting them from real stores nearby. It’s also non-binding: pause or skip a box at any time.

Fortnum & Mason


Yes, F&M isn’t just about wicker baskets and flavored teas: The Queen’s Grocer offers a range of high-quality joints, chops and cups, suitable for HRH.

That you wanted to pretend to do the Perfect Beef Wellingtonare looking for delicatessen to nibble at aperitif time or if you are on the lookout for a Welsh rack of lamb to impress the in-laws the next time you host a Sunday luncheon, find the best at Fortnums.

Treat yourself to a gourmet breakfast offered by The Butcher’s Breakfast Box (£55), which has all the trimmings needed to start the day like a king.

Gastronomy specialist

Gastronomy specialist

If you want your barbecue to stand out from all the rest, you’ll need to put something really impressive on the flame. From Grade 1 Wagyu fillet and New York USDA Prime strip to Oman-caught lobster, Fine Food Specialist always delivers restaurant-worthy, jaw-dropping ingredients that will leave your friends and family in awe.

For an enhanced burger experience, get the Ultimate burger box (£59.95), which features Iberian pork burgers, veal patties, beautifully marbled Wagyu burgers, lightly spiced lamb and chilli burgers and dry-aged beef burgers.

This will leave all other grill gatherings in the dust.

Farmison & Co

Farmison & Co

A one-stop-shop for all BBQ favorites plus pre-marinated and pre-rubbed meats: think Korean-cut gochujang beef short ribs, cherry molasses-glazed pork belly steak, hanger steak rubbed with Turkish coffee and Lebanese chicken skewers. If you think you’re tough enough (and hungry), there’s even a Tomahawk steak to take away for £40. If this batch doesn’t make your mouth water, nothing will.

Your fresh, organic meat will be delivered by DPD, a courier chosen for its commitment to carbon neutral delivery. Orders under £40 are charged £5.95 for delivery: all the more reason to add this Tomahawk to the basket, then.

H. G. Walter

H. G. Walter

This family run is one of the most respected butcher shops in the country and counts London’s elite hotels among its customers. The bricks and mortar store is in Baron’s Court, but if you’re unable to make the pilgrimage, head online to buy select cuts and grass-fed beef, and more .

So what’s on offer? In addition to Galician beef, you can find premium Wagyu, as well as steaks and roasts. There’s lamb of all kinds, including minced, marinated, and chops, and you can find Iberian pork among family favorites like bangers, burgers, and chicken wings. Free-range, organic, high quality – HG Walter is a reference for all butchers.

Coombe Organic Farm

Coombe Organic Farm

Get the best of West Country produce from Somerset-based Coombe Farm Organic. The meat is raised organically, sustainably and ethically, merging centuries-old farming practices with science and technology to deliver high quality meat to customers across the UK. If you plan on lighting the embers, head to the company’s barbecue section first to pick up the likes of Venison and cranberry burgers, Pork & Cider Sausages, chicken and duck wingsas well as steak, chops and ribs.

Riverford Organic

Riverford Organic

There will be no problem with your five days when you shop at Riverford Organic. In addition to meat, the online store offers a range of seasonal fruits and vegetables in the colors of the rainbow to brighten up your plate at every meal of the day.

All the meat sold on the site is organic, fresh from the butcher’s based in Riverford in Devon. The breeds are slow grown to ensure the best flavor and are sourced from West Country family farmers who really care for their livestock.

The offer includes beef, chicken, lamb and pork, and if you fancy there’s also duck up for grabs. If this is your first foray into online meat ordering, try one of Riverford’s meat boxes, which have the classics covered.

Orders come in insulated packaging to keep everything cool in transit and safe from spoiling at your doorstep if you’re not there. Minimum orders are £15.

Smithfield’s Tom Hixson

Tom Hixson

An established East End butcher who you can now find online, Smithfield’s Tom Hixson is in every top chef’s rolodex. The family business specializes in premium tenderloins, sirloin, rib eye and other cuts of beef, and also offers halal meat.

Right now, summer barbecue menus are looking the most appealing with cuts not only for the grill but also for the smoker – serious barbecue lovers, take note.

There’s Korean beef bulgogi, marrow-aged steak burgers, halal Hereford beef brisket, and USDA St Louis pork chops for those yearning to taste America’s Deep South.

Beyond the barbecue, you can even sign up for the Steak Club, which will see a juicy piece of meat arrive at your doorstep on the first Wednesday of every month as part of an ongoing membership. In June, it’s Dry Aged Cote De Boeuf. Drool.

meat box

meat box

The company works closely with UK farmers to ensure that only the best winds end up on your plate.

The “meat counter” offers everything from dry-aged beef to breakfast favourites, but if you’re looking for barbecue dishes, you can find it in its dedicated section: think skewers, Porterhouse steak, brisket and burgers and wafers. charcuterie to start.

Trust us, your guests won’t know what hit them.

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