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By Express press service

MYSURU: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai assured agricultural leaders on Tuesday that he would consider the application for exemption of fertilizers, pesticides, drip irrigation equipment and agricultural products from the GST net. Bommai said he would write to the Center and request a GST exemption in the interest of the farming community.

He was interacting with agricultural leaders after receiving a memorandum from leading agricultural organizations during the roundtable. The farmers said that the Union government, which provides subsidies on the one hand, is pressuring them by imposing the GST on agricultural products and fertilizers.

When told by the farmers about life insurance coverage for 36 lakh farmers in Telangana who pay a premium of Rs 2,600 per annum which yields a monetary benefit of Rs 5 lakh in case of premature death, Bommai said that he would request a report on the Telangana project and look into their advocacy.

Karnataka Sugar Cane Growers Association President Kurbur Shanthakumar said the delegation lobbied for the MSP of all agricultural products and told him that the farmers had been disappointed as their products had no not been purchased at the advertised MSP. The government, which had announced that it would open ragi supply centers and had assured that it would buy 100 kilos for 3,200 rupees from each farmer, bought less than 10% of the ragi products. This has forced farmers to sell ragi at ridiculous prices to traders and commission agents in nearby villages and towns, Shanthakumar said.

The roundtable, which discussed the problems of sugar cane growers and factories denying a fair remunerative price to farmers, urged the chief minister to prevail over the factories to secure justice.

Shanthakumar said the cost of cultivation has skyrocketed with fertilizers like potash, which was available at Rs 900 a bag and is now being sold at Rs 1,950 a bag. Falling horticultural crop prices have added to the agony of the farming community, which has yet to recover from the huge losses suffered during the Covid lockdown.

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