Canadian Agriculture Day celebrates agriculture and food


Alberta agriculture is a vast industry made up of more than herds of cattle and fields of wheat. Alberta is home to a variety of livestock operations, which include horses, chickens, bees, pigs, sheep, alpacas, llamas, yaks, water buffaloes and more. Fields are planted with a variety of crops – from barley and potatoes to chickpeas and sugar beets – our industry paints an impressive picture. With so many different producers feeding us and supporting our economy, Canadian Agriculture Day is a national celebration of these contributions.

This year, the annual Canadian Agriculture Day event takes place on February 22. This day has become popular on social media in Canada with the trending hashtag #CdnAgDay for the past few years.

Canadian Agriculture Day is an opportunity to connect with other Canadians to share about our industry and help people know where their food comes from. This day gives consumers and producers the opportunity to have conversations about why agriculture is so important and how the products people use travel from the farm to their hands.

Share your love of Canadian agriculture

Join us on social media to celebrate Canadian Agriculture Day! We can all show our support in several ways on February 22:

  • Post photos, videos or stories on social media with the hashtag #CdnAgDay.
  • Share what Canadian agriculture means to you, including your family history in the industry, and how you celebrate.
  • Post a photo of the beautiful countryside around you. Everyone loves prairie views.
  • Share a little insight into the day-to-day responsibilities of growers around the farm. Being a farmer is hard work.
  • Post recipes, photos or videos of you preparing or enjoying Canadian food or drink. Who doesn’t love good food?
  • Download graphics from Canadian Agriculture Day website and share them on your social networks.

If you’re participating in Canadian Agriculture Day, tag AFSC in your tweets or Facebook posts, so we can see how you’re celebrating and share it on our social media.

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