Candler Co. Hemp Farm Expands as Product Demand Grows


CANDLER COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) – Two unconventional Candler County farmers have capitalized on a new crop in Georgia: hemp.

They grow it and turn it into a range of products.

The owners of Green Toad Hemp Farm say they saw their market and opportunities explode as the industry took off in Georgia.

Arrive at their farm in Candler County and have a few more weeks to go before they fill six to eight acres with budding grafts. But they’ve turned some of their attention indoors with six 40ft shipping containers turned into nurseries. They say it’s all to meet the demand.

“Now we can grow year-round and harvest every 8-12 weeks, which allows us to keep producing,” said co-owner Reggie Reese.

They become essential in Metter. Last week, they set up their booth at a local “Georgia Grown” agribusiness get-together alongside vendors selling pecans, beef and more.

Has the small town in South Georgia accepted a hemp farm?

“Yes absolutely! They accepted it with open arms, were extremely helpful to us,” said co-owner Dwayne Hirsch.

They are about to create more jobs here by processing more of their product locally. They will bottle their CBD oil in their own shop and manufacture and package gummies, chocolate and other CBD products.

The two say Georgia responded to a demand for the product. But they want to see state laws give them the same opportunities to see their harvest beyond their own dispensary.

“The difference is that they can plant and grow their product and sell it in Walmart, Publix or Kroger. We can’t do that yet, even though we’re like them.

They experiment with mulch and possible uses for wood or straw from the remaining stems. They say the market continues to burgeon and so do their factories.

Reggie and Dwayne say they are now looking at markets some people didn’t even imagine.

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