Celebrate 4/20 With These Inclusive Local Cannabis Products: All Female Stoners


Shayda, Sydney and Nika Torabi of Restart CBD (Courtesy of Restart CBD)

While the draconian Republican-led governing body of Texas is one of the slowest states to legalize, cannabis consumers are green with envy over the April Fool’s Day recreational sales in New Mexico. (We see you crossing the border to stand in line, Lubbock!) And the majority of those people – and consumers across the country – identify as women.

Bethany Gomez, Managing Director of Brightfield Group (a cannabis market leader and consumer research company), said, “We believe the future of cannabis is female, as our data shows that women make up 59% of new cannabis users. During the pandemic, women, especially in Gen Z, have seen the fastest growth [in] annual sales of legal cannabis. This can be attributed to the changing attitude of the public in the industry, as well as the fact that designs and packaging are more sophisticated and appealing to women. celebrate are actually women. With the rise in cannabis consumption nationwide, the launch of new markets and the legalization of new states, consumers are eager to celebrate cannabis this year.”

Here in Austin, Restart CBD (restartcbd.com) is a sister-owned and operated business, and co-founders Shayda, Sydney and Nika Torabi have been using CBD since 2015: “Our family built this business from the ground up in this predominantly male-dominated industry to help educate, advocate and de-stigmatize cannabis in hopes that our journey can inspire other women to see cannabis [and its] wonderful and healing properties. Restart CBD works with hemp growing communities, local educators, other industry leaders and manufacturers to improve cannabis conversations and opportunities, and Shayda sits on the Texas Hemp Coalition and leads a podcast on cannabis. Products available online and at their Brick and Mortar (2521 Rutland Dr. Ste. 150-A) include certified organic tinctures, vegan gummies, Delta-8 brownie bites, taffy, lemonade, flowers, vapes, capsules, etc. all that.

The MaryJae Cannabis Dispensary (shopmaryjae.com) is “LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and female-owned, with an unapologetic, heart-centered approach to cannabis,” and they’ve been serving the Austin area since 2017. Owners Jae and Francis have truly created a “modern cannabis experience” with product lines organized by feel (lift, focus, relief, rest, etc.) and lifestyle (herb, concentrate, dope merch), and their page FAQ is full of accessible Info updates. The downtown shop (2110 S. Lamar) is full of good vibes and the wonderful staff are trained to help everyone from first-timers to long-time enthusiasts find the best, high-quality products in a chill, no-frills area. judgement. As all cannabis areas should be.

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