Continuous rainfall disrupts agricultural activities in Bawku


Regional news for Thursday, October 17, 2019



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Continuous rainfall in the Bawku region disrupts agricultural activities, especially harvesting, as farmers cannot access their farms or dry out crops.

This has left farmers worried about the safety of their farms and the high possibility of post-harvest losses in the region.

The majority of the farmers who cultivated maize, millet and sorghum cannot harvest their ripe crops for fear of molds as there was no sun and many farms were abandoned due to the heavy rains which flooded them. roads leading to farms.

“We cannot go to the farms, harvest and transport the produce to the storage facilities or the market because of the rains,” said the farmers who spoke with the GNA in Bawku, in the Haut-Est region. .

Mr. Charles Akwotigah, the municipal director of agriculture of Bawku, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, expressed his concern over the phenomenon and said that if the situation persisted there could be too many losses. after harvest.

He said farmers expected the rains to stop at the end of September, but unfortunately they did not stop but became more abundant during the current harvest period, posing a challenge for the storage.

“Many farmers relied on the ‘one district, one warehouse’ initiative, but these facilities have not yet been completed, although this time would have been the most appropriate for it.”

Mr. Akwotigah said that farmers who had their farms across rivers and flooded areas had problems accessing their farms and communities such as Jentiga, Kuka, Bawku Municipality, Kulungugu in Pusiga district, Denugu in Garu district, Sapelga in Bawku West district among others were at risk of post-harvest losses due to rains.

He said high post-harvest losses would likely affect the expected good harvest in the region.

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