“Crates allow for better refrigeration to keep produce fresh and give longer shelf life”


Silafrica manufactures and supplies high quality plastic packaging from ISO 9000 and FSSC 22000 certified factories in three countries: Tanzania since 1963, Kenya since 1976, Ethiopia since 2014, and is the pioneer of innovative plastic packaging for nearly seven decades.

The company supplies regional and global CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands with primary and secondary packaging, including crates and pallets for beverage storage and transport, agriculture and logistics, containers for packaging for food, yoghurts, oils, paint and cosmetics as well as PET Bottle and closure preforms for beverage packaging and stretch film for industrial and logistics packaging.

More recently, Silafrica started manufacturing lightweight collapsible crates for fruit and vegetables in Kenya. The company has partnered with fresh produce exporters across East Africa.

According to Jashwanth Gupta, commercial director of Silafrica, they have received considerable support from the East African market. “They appreciate our efforts, as it adds much needed value to their product packaging. The crates, thanks to their mechanical properties and 360 degree ventilation, allow for better refrigeration to keep the products fresh and give longer shelf life. longer shelf life, which is the The crates are economical and can be packed quickly and easily, they are reusable and recyclable.

In addition to lightweight collapsible crates, Silafrica recently launched nestable and stackable harvest crates to help the farming community reduce waste throughout the supply chain, from farm to fork.

“Currently, we are supplying these crates to markets in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.”

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