Dairy product prices set to rise in Switzerland


Dairy prices are rising globally. Rising world prices are expected to trigger higher prices in Switzerland, with local dairy farmers following the global trend, reports 20 Minutes.

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Since the beginning of the year, the price per ton of powdered milk has increased by around 16% to reach 4,503 US dollars, according to the Global Dairy Trade website. Contracts dated March 2022 are priced slightly higher at $4,510. Between January 4 and February 15, 2022, prices increased by 16% from US$3,866 to US$4,503. Five years ago, the price was US$2,782, 38% lower than today.

In Switzerland, the price of milk will increase, Pierre-André Pittet, spokesman for PSL, an association of milk producers, told 20 Minutes. Swiss milk producers could probably demand around 3 cents more per kilo of milk from April or May 2022, he said.

This price increase will be felt by retailers and consumers. Butter, yoghurt, milk and cheese will soon be more expensive in Switzerland.

Along with rising milk prices, milk production costs have risen, according to Markus Ritter, head of a Swiss agricultural union. Fuel, farm building and fertilizer costs have all increased, he said. Synthetic fertilizers require large amounts of energy in their production, usually gas. As fossil fuel prices have taken off, the costs of producing fertilizer, a key ingredient in Swiss agriculture, have also risen.

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