Dairy-Tech 2022: New Product Preview


The Dairy-Tech event returns to Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on Thursday April 7, 2022 after missing last year’s event due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Event organizer the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers said the extended break meant Dairy-Tech 2022 would be home to a record number of product launches and innovations.

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Here’s a taste of some of the innovations that will be there.

Quill Dry Box

Feather productions

The Quill Dry Box is a simple idea – a sturdy, weatherproof box with a lockable lid.

Measuring 330 x 260 x 185mm, it’s wide enough and deep enough to protect clipboards, notebooks or anything else, close to where they’re needed.

© Quill Productions

The box, available in a range of colours, can be fixed to a wall, indoors or outdoors, using a supplied bracket and screws.

Alternatively, it can be hung from a gate or fence post while staff are working, even in bad weather.

Price £15.99 excluding VAT (discount for bulk orders)

Contact quillproductions.co.uk 01258 818 239, sales@quillprod.com

Topcool black box

Distributed by Magdek Thermal Systems

The Topcool black box monitors the temperature and humidity inside barns, dwellings and compartment sheds and determines the level of stress that livestock are exposed to.

Color-coded information is displayed on tablet and mobile phone apps or by connecting to the farm network.

The operator can then make the necessary temperature and humidity adjustments via links to the ventilation system software.

Each unit measures approximately 300 x 300mm and has an optional integrated display screen.

Price £1,500 to £2,500 excluding VAT

Contact magdek.co.uk 07530 720 905, tech@magdek.com

Follow-up Bolus


The Tracesure Bolus is an upgrade to Animax’s previous bolus system.

The inclusion of flutes on the side of the bowl increases the surface area without increasing the external dimensions.

This allows for a constant and sustained 180 day release of iodine, selenium and cobalt.

Copper is offered separately, and the company will conduct a trace element audit for customers to assess the levels cattle are receiving in rations and on grass.

The bolus upgrade also includes a range of sizes – for calves (75 kg) and cattle (200 kg and 500 kg) – to better suit needs.

Price Standard size cattle £5-£5.50, XL £9-£10 (VAT exempt)

Contact animax-vet.com 07990 848 186 Nigel.hemphill@animax-vet.com

Advanced mobility program

Advanced Ruminant Nutrition (RNA)

This is a comprehensive toolkit that examines lameness issues in dairy herds to improve health, welfare and production efficiency.

RNA consultants will assess mobility scores, lesion incidence, digital dermatitis levels and hock scores from farm records.

© ARN Ltd.

These will be cross-referenced with a range of performance and production data across the whole unit, including dry cows and young animals.

From there, ARN will identify problem areas and highlight the physical, environmental and nutritional risk factors unique to each farm. He will then draw up a tailor-made action plan, ranked in terms of priorities.

Price On demand

Contact arn-ltd.com 01524 263 139 office@arn-ltd.com

Smart microdairy

Unison Engineering

This Ireland-based company has identified a niche market for small-scale pasteurizers with more farms selling milk directly to the public.

The unit includes a pasteurizer, capable of processing up to 1,000 liters of milk per hour, a cooling unit and compressors.

Operation is via a smartphone app to minimize labor requirements, and cleaning is done automatically.

It requires a concrete base of 7x7m, water supply, wi-fi connection, electricity and drainage. With these factors in place, the company will connect the pasteurizer to the bulk storage tank in two days.

Price Around £52,000

Contact unison.ie +353 (0)61 422224 or email via website form.

Farm IQ


FarmIQ helps farmers looking to grow and retain their workforce by providing expert advice through a user-driven training program.

The service recognizes that there are different training needs on individual farms and allows farmers to choose a combination of online and face-to-face courses. These are led by veterinarians, consultants, business experts and environmental specialists.

Successful trainees receive certificates, which can be used as proof for organizations such as Red Tractor farm assurance.

Prices from £50 plus VAT. For a more detailed training, count £150 excluding VAT. Member discounts apply

Contact 01458 851 555, contact.us@kingshay.co.uk

hoof sense

Hoof counter

The system revolves around a pressure mat installed in a Hoofcount automatic footbath.

Essentially, the mat senses the pressure applied through the animal’s hoof.

Any difference in the amount of weight applied to each hoof highlights potential tenderness or injury that may be impossible to detect visually.

The footbath is linked to electronic identification tags and a detection system to collect real-time data that records lameness trends of animals and herds.

The data is accessible via a phone app, which also issues alerts of any changes in the cow’s gait.

The system is initially available for installation or retrofitting into Hoofcount’s range of Excel automatic footbaths.

Price £4,000-5,000 plus subscription

Contact Via website form hoofcount.com/get-in-touch or 01995 603 028

Concept Dairy App

Dairy products

It is an app-based milk price monitor that allows farmers to make contracts on future milk values.

The aim of the app is to directly connect farmers, buyers and processors, increase transparency and reduce price volatility.

Farm managers can download production levels and milk quality details for their herds.

The application then displays a cash forecast with prices displayed in real time. The farmer selects the number of liters to lock in and a time period based on a season or annually, up to two years in the future. The offer is sent directly to the processor for review, and a confirmation of the details of the agreement will be returned.

Price Free

Contact conceptdairy.com or by e-mail via the website form.



This feed additive is believed to promote a 0.25% increase in milk fat production in the udder by stimulating the rumen microbial population.

Analysis of rumen bacteria shows that the additive reduces populations of strains responsible for milk fat depression.

It also encourages bacteria that promote the production of fatty acids.

The inclusion of the additive should enable the reduction of products such as palm oil, helping to reduce a farm’s carbon footprint.

Trials have shown it to be particularly effective in rations high in oil or starch which can suppress milk fat production and where grazed grass provides a high proportion of the diet.

Price About 28p per cow per day

Contact adisseo.com or 07770 852 798, andrew.grimston@adisseo.com

Farmplan business cloud

farm plan

This cloud-based accounting package is for agricultural businesses preparing for mandatory digital VAT returns from April 2022.

The main selling point over other packages on the market is the agricultural terminology used in the software. For example, accounts can be compiled on the crop year rather than the fiscal year.

Farmer illustration

© Farm plan

It relies on support teams from agriculture and agriculture-oriented training. These are available on-site or remotely and include a range of e-learning tools.

Price One company: £25/month excluding VAT, Two companies: £15/month each excluding VAT

Contact farmplan.co.uk 01594 545000, proagricasales@farmplan.com

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