​​Demand for organic products is increasing, but the high price acts as a brake


Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

​With an increasing awareness of the population on the environment, a large number of people are turning to organic products, whether it is cosmetics or food. People are slowly realizing that there is “only one earth” which is this year’s theme for World Environment Day. However, the relatively high price of organic produce means it is still out of reach for most.

​Organic products are made with elements that are found in nature, without the use of chemicals, and it has been proven beyond any doubt that organic products are better not only for the environment but also for human health. .​

​Says ​Sarthak Adrish, ​an ​entrepreneur, “People nowadays are more and more concerned about their health and focus on healthy eating. A wide range of organic products, including oils, cereals, masalas etc. are gaining popularity.”

Speaking about the benefits of organic produce, Vinita Jaiswal, dietician, said, “Organic produce is safe to use as it is grown naturally without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Organic vegetables and fruits have a different and authentic taste as well as an important aroma. I always recommend that my patients switch to organic food.

The trend to use organic products has also reached the cosmetics sector. Bhavin Thakur, owner of a local cosmetics store, said: “People are demanding face masks, face cleansers, face kits and other beauty products that are organic. We are also trying to include more organic items in our inventory as demand is growing rapidly. Neeta Shori, a beautician told Free Press that people are opting for home remedies because they are ultimately good for the skin.

​Local organic products unavailable in MP

“There is no organic belt in Madhya Pradesh so we have to bring in organic produce from other states. The growing demand can only be met by increasing organic farming in MP, said Sarthak Aadrish, an entrepreneur.

Still too expensive for the middle class

“The fact that organic products are expensive is well known to the public, and the limited supply of organic materials adds to the problem. So it is not possible for a middle class person to afford the products,” said dietitian Vinita Jaiswal.

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