Emergency services on alert during floods


A NUMBER of sheep had to be rescued after being washed ashore when the River Wharfe burst into Kilnsey on Sunday after the second of three named storms to hit the district in a week.

The water team with the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association have been called in to assist the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service from Grassington Station. A number of animals were brought back to dry land.

There was an unexpected snowfall in the area on Saturday and the resulting melt added to rising floodwaters before winds picked up again and a third storm hit Monday morning .

The Environment Agency has issued alerts as the Rivers Ribble, Aire and Wharfe which run through Craven have devastated large areas of land and flooded roads and properties. High winds knocked down more trees, causing delays for commuters.

Ridge tiles and slates from the roof of Magna House, Long Preston were reported as traffic struggled to navigate floodwaters near the junction box on the A65 between Settle and Long Preston, and that deep water was also affecting Rathmell Bottoms. a regular flood zone.

An early Sunday morning Facebook poster said parts of the A65 were the worst he had ever seen, particularly between Addingham and Skipton, and between Skipton, Gargrave and Coniston Cold.

In Coniston Cold, the fire service was called in to help deal with floodwaters pouring through the walls of a resident’s garden.

Bentham Fire Department were called to attend a report of a corrugated roof panel blowing in the wind on an industrial building. The crew had to weigh down the panel with heavy scaffolding boards and cinder blocks to prevent further damage.

There was better news east of Skipton where the Environment Agency’s £17.8million Skipton Flood Mitigation Scheme was working well over the weekend.

Skipton Golf Club, where one of two flood storage areas has been built, tweeted on Sunday: “Skipton’s flood defense program is working brilliantly thanks to the Environment Agency and @SkiptonGolfClub who worked together a few years ago. It hasn’t been used too often and the water will probably be gone within 24 hours. Surprising.”

The dams, completed in 2018, were used to store and slow the flow of water from the surrounding hills, to help protect around 378 homes and 165 businesses in Skipton which have been affected by flooding in the past.

The industrial area of ​​Sowarth in Settle has reverted to a lake as floodwaters failed to disperse after several days of rain. The drainage system has caused problems for some time for the companies located there.

North Yorkshire Police issued advice on worsening conditions and reminded people to check the Environment Agency’s website for river levels in a particular area and to register for their alerts: https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/alerts-and-warnings

Police also reiterated that drivers should not attempt to drive through floodwaters as tempting as it may seem and try to find an alternate route on higher ground.

More rain with wintry showers mixed in for some time was expected today (Thursday), according to the Met Office, which will add to the already saturated land and people are reminded to be aware of flood hotspots potential around the district.

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