England’s ‘best farmers’ risk going bankrupt

The Farmers Guardian reports that a leading rural charity has warned that a combination of changing farm policies and high input costs risk putting England’s ‘best farmers’ out of business

Jude McCann, chief executive of the Farming Community Network, said the government needed to learn from New Zealand, where many farmers took their own lives when subsidies were phased out in the 1980s.

Giving evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee on rural mental health last week, Mr McCann said: ‘We could potentially lose some of our best farmers and farming families. ‘farmers, I think that would be a huge disgrace to England.

Alicia Chivers, chief executive of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, also told the committee that her charity had found evidence that there was a strong link between the mental and physical health of farmers and the financial health of their businesses.

Tenant Farmers Association chief executive George Dunn suggested it’s really important to manage people through the post-Brexit transition, urging that “politicians, civil servants and land officers…take a vision more holistic about what they do to make sure people don’t. become the collateral damage of change”.

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The Farmer’s Guardian – England’s ‘best farmers’ risk going bankrupt
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