Exports of South Korean ‘star products’ hit record high


The South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, through Minister Kim Hyeon-soo, announced that exports of strawberries and grapes, one of the main export products of Korea, have reached an all-time high.

The Korean government has provided policy support to promote strawberries and grapes as flagship products, given their potential for export and market growth. As a result, the export volumes of strawberries and grapes registered $64.5 million and $38.7 million respectively, surpassing $100 million in total for the first time. The ministry released these figures:

  • Strawberries: (in 2020) 4,823 tonnes, $53.7 M → (in 2021) 4,821 tonnes (-), $64.5 M (+20.0%)
  • Grapes: (in 2020) 2,108 tonnes, $31.2 M → (in 2021) 2,315 tonnes (9.8% increase), $38.7 M (24.1% increase)

Total: (in 2020) 6,931 tons, $84.9 million → (in 2021) 7,136 tons (up 3.0%), $103.1 million (up 21.5%)

For the export competitiveness of strawberries and grapes, the ministry supported the whole process from production to storage, distribution, marketing, buyer matchmaking and sales to increase their export. MAFRA also promotes them as high-end items in foreign markets.

Source: mafra.go.kr

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