Farmers lack technical know-how in agricultural activities


By: Ismaila Sonko

Sitokoto Gassama, municipal councilor for the district of Salikene, said Gambian farmers lack knowledge about farming activities.

Mr. Gassama said extension workers across the country should do their best to meet with farmers from their farmland or garden to train them in farming activities, as most farmers lack experience to operate. their farm or their garden.

He said most of the country’s farmers do not know how to use fertilizers on their farmland and improper use of fertilizers can cause soil erosion and ultimately affect the soil for agricultural activities. appropriate.

“The authority responsible for agricultural activities in The Gambia should not sit in its office but it should follow the farmers and know the problem they are facing,” he noted.

Councilor Gassama said Gambian women have been left out by the government when it comes to farming activities because they do not have a standard market for their garden produce.

Sitokoto Gassama said the authority responsible for agricultural activities should not organize a workshop with the farmers in the hotels but let them do their best to visit the farmers in the field so that the farmers can acquire the knowledge and use it. at the end of the training. .

He calls on the government to invest more money in the agricultural sector as it is the backbone of the country’s economy and to empower farmers.

He also urges people to get into farming activities because the government cannot employ everyone, but if you have a place to do your farming or gardening activities, go to work so that you are self-employed.

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