Financial services company unveils job opportunity for Nigerians


In a bid to bridge the unemployment gap in the country, a financial services company, TradelandFx, has set up a process to create job opportunities for young Nigerians who are serious about gainful employment.

Already, the company which has been operating in Abuja for two months has hired 50 employees, and plans to recruit another 500 workers before the end of the year, and another 2,000 employees, across Africa by 2024.

This was revealed by Mr. Felix Alarigbe, an economist at TradelandFx in Abuja over the weekend when the company briefed reporters on its operations.

According to him, the company has more than 200 instruments on its platform which would be made available to those who wish to engage the company’s services.

He informed that the company offers the solution to many of the country’s current economic challenges through trading in the financial market, which helps people earn more money and start a journey of financial freedom.

An executive of the company, Mr. Samuel Oladipo, said that the company offers the perfect skills and environment for people to connect to the financial market, according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), FX is traded 6 .6 trillion a day in the market.


As part of its corporate social responsibility, TradelandFx plans to donate 2.5% of its total annual revenue to charity through empowering rural women with farming tools and training young people with computer skills.

“It’s all about creating and generating wealth. We will go to rural areas to provide women with work equipment, such as agricultural tools and computers, to children who want to learn about computers and ask instructors to train them in the use of the computer,” he explained.

Tradeland Origin is a subsidiary of TradelandFx, a well-known, fast-growing company that specializes in providing financial market trading solutions.

It is one of the top five producers of Contracts for Differences (CFDs) and other trading tools in the global forex market and recently established itself in Abuja.

CFDs, stocks, forex and other commodities are among the company’s most popular trading instruments, and with over 200 financial instruments, TradelandFx not only welcomes traders, but also offers novices and professionals alike opportunities to learn and grow while trading.

TradelandFx also plans to hold a free Financial Investment Seminar this year, where over 1000 people will learn about the global financial market, how to trade the market and how to access the firm’s trading.

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Financial services company unveils job opportunity for Nigerians

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