Financing farm equipment can help prevent rural crime


There is an increase in rural crime in the UK, with the NFU mutual which provides insurance to farmers, saying crime is at its highest level since 2013. Farmers are seeing an increase in thefts of farm machinery such as quads, 4x4s and agriculture-specific vehicles. There is a demand for farming equipment globally and this is attracting organized crime gangs to target British farmers and their machinery in the countryside.

Some parts of the UK are more at risk than others

Scotland and the North West of England have seen a drop in rural crime, but unfortunately the same is not true for other parts of the UK. In the Midlands, Wales and South East England there is a sharp 30% increase in rural crime and in an effort to beat thieves, farmers are adopting a combination of modern CCTV technology , lighting and motion detectors with the traditional “old” deterrents to deter thieves from entering and stealing their machines.

A new era of rural crime

Many farms across the UK are home to machines worth thousands of dollars. Although not only holds monetary value to farmers, farm equipment is vital to the day-to-day operation and success of the operation. Quads, in particular, are considered an essential part of farming as they are important for caring for sheep and other livestock.

The development of rural crime is as advanced as urban crime. A “new breed” of criminals is a combination of determined thieves, modern technology and brute force. A common tool are electric shredders, often stolen from farms they have previously conquered.

These crimes have had devastating consequences for rural farmers, residents and businesses alike.

But what else can be done to prevent farmers from falling victim to thieves?

A financing of agricultural equipment is a solution to machine theft from UK farms. If farmers reduce the equipment they have on site at all times, there is less to steal if they have a security breach, and farmers benefit from the ability to use the best up-to-date equipment when they have it. need.

For thieves who stake out farms looking for potential items to steal, it will be a constant carousel of machines with no guarantee of what will be there the night they choose to strike – reducing their chances of stealing whatever they want. could expect from a farm that has all of its machines. This can help reduce the anxiety of farmers who feel constantly being watched over by criminal gangs.

Farms are often considered a low risk target due to the large size of the operation and the lack of security and surveillance technology. Farm equipment finance companies keep all of their equipment in secure warehouse-like premises, which can deter thieves from targeting them.

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