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HYDERABAD: Hydroponic or soilless farming is the new buzzword in town, as large retailers provide a limited variety of vegetables and boosting immunity has become the top priority for residents, who seek other options to meet their daily needs.
This agricultural technique allows plants to be grown in a nutrient-rich water-based solution allowing a focused and controlled environment.
“When I first heard about hydroponics, I was skeptical because I didn’t know much about it. But when I started trying the fruits and vegetables grown using this pattern, I felt they were fresh and healthy, ”said Swetha Rao, who lives in the Srinagar settlement.
P Niharika, who lives in Ameerpet, said she was sure she wanted to use organic food for her children. “With a pandemic threatening us, I wanted to provide my children with the healthiest options possible. Soilless cultivation means that there are no pesticides used. I know for sure that what we eat has only nutrition and nothing else, ”said the housewife.
Several players provided hydroponic vegetables to people. Among them, Simply Fresh, which provides salad leaves, vegetables, exotic berries, edible flowers and medicinal plants. Its green houses are located in the city.
Sachin Darbarwar, Founder and CEO of Simply Fresh India, says: “Your immunity is your first line of defense against any disease. With the global Covid-19 pandemic, it is very important that we focus on what we eat. It is essential to include fresh vegetables and leafy greens in your diet. Products that are hydroponically grown in a safe and controlled environment are better because they are safe and more nutritious than your regular available vegetables.
To ensure that customers have confidence in their products, each package has a QR code. When scanned, this code shows the entire history of the product, including when the seed was sown, who harvested it, how many days it was in the system, etc.
Likewise, Green Orbit Farms, started by Srini Pavuluru and Lavanya Gurram in Chittoor, now also serves Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Speaking to TOI, Pavuluru said there has been an increase in demand for their products. “With a wide variety of green vegetables such as celery, pak choy, spinach, peppers, people come to us for more options than the big retailers can offer,” he said.
“Our packs which consist of the basic greens are in high demand,” Pavuluru added.

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