It is unreasonable to use pupils for agricultural activities


Africa Education Watch condemned the act of director Emmanuel Chinja

• 10 candidates for the BECE drowned when a boat in which they were returning capsized

• The director at the heart of the incident was charged with manslaughter

• He is expected to appear in court tomorrow.

Education Think-Tank, Africa Education Watch (EduWatch), became angry with the principal of St Charles Lwanga R / C secondary school in the Saboba district of the Northern region, Emmanuel Chinja, for using his students for agricultural activities on his farm.

The school principal on Friday, November 12, 2021, reportedly sent 30 JHS students to harvest rice on his farm.

However, luck was not on the students’ side as the boat they were entering capsized, resulting in the deaths of 10 BECE candidates.

EduWatch, in a statement condemning the act, said the principal’s conduct was “unacceptable” given the educational challenges prevalent in the northern part of the country.

“It is unreasonable that just one school day before the start of this year’s Basic Education Certificate (BECE) exams, a principal mobilizes 30 students, including BECE candidates from his school to work in his school. farm in a rural community where students already have limited time in class due to, among other things, difficulty walking long distances to and from school. We condemn the use of students for any form of economic or domestic activity by teachers, especially when it affects their health or interferes with teaching and learning hours inside and outside of the classroom. school, ”the statement read.

The statement also commended the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Ghana Police Service (GPS) for the way they have handled the situation so far.

EduWatch, however, wants GES to establish complaint hotlines to allow parents to report incidents of teachers using their wards for farming and other household activities.

“We call for the establishment and publication of complaint hotlines in all GES offices to allow parents to report offending staff for punitive action. We urge the GES to provide the necessary psychological and other support to the parents and families concerned, ”the statement added.

The director, Emmanuel Chinja, has been charged with manslaughter and will be brought to court on Monday, November 15, 2021, in Tamale.

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