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PAAF Director General Faisal Al-Hasawi and Kuwait Farmers Union President Hadi Al-Watri in a meeting with Kuwait Farmers Union officials

KUWAIT, Oct 17 (KUNA) – The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fisheries Resources (PAAF) is considering setting up two companies – Al-Wafra and Al-Abdali – to help Kuwaiti farmers sell their products, said PAAF chief executive Faisal Al-Hasawi said Monday.
PAAF fully supports Kuwaiti farmers, Al-Hasawi said at a press conference after a meeting with officials from the Kuwait Farmers Union.
The PAAF is committed to the United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO) Agreement, which it signed in January, which encourages the creation of businesses supporting Kuwaiti farmers and selling their products at high prices. reasonable, he said.
“The authority stands by the side of the Kuwaiti farmer at all times to find suitable solutions that guarantee stability for the farmer,” Al-Hasawi said.
The facilities offered by the PAAF, he added, have helped to strengthen food security.
Hadi Al-Watri, president of the Kuwait Farmers’ Union, said the farmers have encountered problems following the rise in fuel prices which thus affected the final price of the product.
He called for the formation of the parliamentary committee on agriculture to preserve farmers’ rights. (end) mf.bs

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