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Pelluce Kabarokole adds that they get less milk from their cows because they also lack extension services that would help them overcome the problem.

Lack of veterinary services and insecurity threaten agricultural activities in the model Rwengaju sub-county, Kabarole district.

Farmers say thieves are breaking into their homes at night and stealing livestock, including cows, pigs and goats, yet security in the area has not offered much help.

The farmers also add that even when the government, through Operation Wealth Creation – OWC, distributed 150 heifers and 500 pigs in 2019, veterinary services remained scarce in the area and some of the animals died as a result. of the challenge.

Christine Karugaba, one of the farmers, says she received five pigs from the government but treating them remained a big challenge. She explains that the few vets they have in the sub-county take a long time to respond.

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Cue omu… namaliirra ataizire. // Pelluce Kabarokole adds that they get less milk from their cows because they also lack extension services that would help them overcome the problem.

Julius Kagoro, veterinarian in Rwengaju, explains that while there is a serious need for extension and veterinary services, farmers need to take the initiative and do the basics to make sure their animals are productive and healthy. good health.

Kagoro says that, for example, farmers can start by making sure they are feeding livestock well for better and high productivity.

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Wave… ezamaani muno. ”//

Meanwhile, a wave of cattle rustling is giving farmers sleepless nights. Richard Nyakaana, the chair of the Model Farmers Committee, notes that about three days ago thieves stole three cows in the same sub-county. He adds that the crime continues without much help from the police and other security agencies, even when cases are reported.

Salvatore Abigaba, the Kabarole District Production Officer, says they are keenly aware of the challenges farmers face, but are working hard to meet them.

He says extension workers who are reported to him for not responding to calls from farmers will be punished.

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Rwenzori West Regional Police spokesman Vincent Twesige said cattle rustling and thefts are challenges they are tackling in the region.

He says, however, that in Rwengaju, some farmers do not report cases of theft to the police, making it difficult for the police to intervene.

In 2008, the government designated Rwengaju as a model sub-county under the “Prosperity for All” program in the fight against poverty.

During a visit to the sub-county, President Kaguta Museveni pledged to support farmers in the region by providing both a piped and gravity water flow system, electricity and livestock, among other social amenities, so that other sub-counties can copy.

Some of the commitments like the provision of livestock have since been partially fulfilled while others like good roads, electricity and the gravity water flow system have not yet been delivered.

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