Local e-commerce delivery services help family farms thrive and grow


INDIANAPOLIS — Grocery delivery has become a convenient way for many to get the necessities they need to survive. A local business allows you to have locally grown produce delivered right to your door.

Market Wagon works with local farmers in central Indiana to get their produce into the hands of local buyers. A family farm said it helped them grow their business and reach more customers than ever before.

“There are only a limited number of people coming to farmers markets and there are a few more people ordering on their phones now,” said Terri Priest, owner of Priest Family Farm. “So a lot of people can just order from home. It’s convenient and they can still get fresh local food from a real farm.”

The Priest family has worked with Market Wagon for four years. They are among more than 190 farmers the company works with across the state.

The company operates in 19 states and was started in central Indiana by Nick Carter. He noticed that his family farm needed more options to sell his products. The company wants to invest in local economies and see local farmers and food vendors prosper.

“All that money stays here in central Indiana,” Carter said. “We don’t sell any food from out of state or especially out of country. That means those dollars go directly to the farmers. To the (farmers) who pay workers and buy supplies.”

Carter also played a pivotal role in passing legislation in the last session to allow door-to-door sellers to sell their wares in more locations, which was not allowed before the law was passed.

The Priest family said the change would be huge for them and help them reduce waste.

“Before, we either had to bring it to the farmers’ market or just not go into this business,” Jeremiah Priest said. “We always have leftover products and we can always transform them into another type of product. Now we can market it through e-commerce and sell it in different places. »

Although farming can be difficult, the Priest family said access to online sales allows them to live their dreams.

“Most farmers here in Indiana are large-scale,” Jeremiah Priest said. “We grow about 2-3 acres of crops and high tunnels. (We are) able to thrive in a market where we are dominated by corn and soybeans. . We are proud to be called small farmers.

For more information about Market Wagon and if they deliver to your community, click here.

For more information on the Priest Family Farm, click here.

The Priest family hopes that more people will support the local food movement because you are not only supporting your local economy, but also a local farmer and his family.

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