Magia Finance offers users profitable node and farming services


Situated at the intersection of nodes as a service (NaaS) and agriculture as a service (FaaS), Magia Finance is a new and growing company led by a team of blockchain veterans.

Their goal is to provide users with lucrative blockchain investment opportunities without the complexity typically associated with this industry.

With minimal entry costs, compounding returns, and plenty of exciting new features in the works, this Avalanche-based protocol is shaping up to be the status quo challenger of 2022.

Magia nodes are good for the environment and perfect for investors

Traditional nodes require sophisticated hardware, which can be very expensive. There’s also the ongoing cost of electricity to power all that computing power. Much has been said about the electricity consumption of Bitcoin mining, with most estimates putting it ahead of many European countries.

At the heart of Magia are Magia nodes. Unlike traditional nodes, these next-generation virtual structures do not require electricity or hardware. The easiest way to understand them is to imagine them as smart contracts that power the MAGIA protocol and all of its underlying reward mechanisms.

What makes this setup so powerful are the two main benefits that come with it. For starters, Magia nodes are good for the environment because they don’t consume endless amounts of electricity to solve glorified cryptographic puzzles.

On the other hand, infusing with the $MAGIA token allows users to launch a Magia node for as little as 10 tokens only. With the price of $MAGIA sitting around $3 at the time of this writing, that means the cost of entry is just $30.

Considering that each Magia node generates a daily return of 3% over six four-hour intervals, Magia offers some of the most competitive return generation rates on the market.

These returns can be further boosted by combining returns through node compounding, a process in which users mine reward tokens to create new nodes. The tier system provides another opportunity for performance optimization, with higher tiers unlocking 40% bonus rewards.

That being said, it’s worth remembering that all rewards are paid into the protocol’s native $MAGIA token. The moment the token fails to maintain its price, the entire rewards system could collapse. Indeed, daily returns of 3% would be irrelevant if the token itself lost further in value. Sustainability is the need of the hour for projects like this.

Magia Finance’s secret sauce for sustainable growth

Magia Finance is not the first Naas and FaaS protocol, and it won’t be the last. What sets it apart, however, is the team’s commitment to creating a sustainable ecosystem that is poised to deliver positive returns to its investors over the long term.

Instead of relying exclusively on the influx of new users to reward existing users, Mavia explores multiple investment opportunities behind the scenes to generate returns and use them as fuel to pay out user rewards.

For example, the team is constantly studying different chains and investing in R&D to plan projects focusing on public services for the community. An example of this is the Magia Play game which will bring innovative and engaging P2E elements to this ecosystem later this year.

Plans are also underway to launch decentralized venture capital. This new structure will allow Mavia Finance to invest in promising projects in the start-up phase, the profits of which will be redistributed to the creators of nodes. Investments will also go beyond financial support, as Mavia Finance will enable partner projects to tap into its network and expertise, creating a positive loop of innovation that will ultimately lead to new capital flowing into the treasury and enabling sustainable rewards for users.

Public reception of Magia Finance

Considering all these initiatives and all the other exciting utilities the team is exploring behind the scenes, it’s safe to say that Magia Finance is one of the few NaaS protocols that incorporates sustainability-focused mechanisms.

This commitment to sustainability and innovation is perhaps the main driver of public interest in this emerging protocol. Public reception has been overwhelmingly positive so far. In fact, the team recently announced a major milestone by hitting 5,000 nodes created last week.

To learn more about Magia Finance and see what sets this next-generation protocol apart from most others, interested parties are encouraged to explore the following links:

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