Mazzzaty’s range of fresh dairy products meets the demand for healthy and natural products


With a wide range of dairy products, the Mazzraty brand is becoming a strong presence in the Qatari food market. This was highlighted during the ninth Qatar International Agriculture Expo (AgriteQ 2022) at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) where the National Agriculture and Animal Products Group, a subsidiary of ‘Al Mana International Holding Group, presents its Mazzraty dairy products. .

Milk, flavored milk, labneh, cheese and yogurt are on sale at the Mazzraty Pavilion along with juices made in Qatar.
Mazzraty’s line of fresh dairy products “marks an important step in the company’s strategy to diversify its product portfolio through innovation, geographic expansion and organic growth,” an official said. This is also in line with the vision of its board and management to meet local demand for healthy and natural products and contribute to Qatar’s food security.
At the pavilion, fresh cow’s milk, skim milk, skimmed milk and whole milk are presented as well as skim milk flavored with chocolate, strawberry and mango. The pavilion also showcases the mixed berry flavored drink and the orange, apple and mixed fruit nectar.
Other products include plain yogurt, low-fat yogurt, and specialty yogurt flavored with mango, coconut, strawberry, and peach. These are fortified with probiotics and attractively bottled. Among the highlights is the Mazzraty wrapped cheese.
Mazzraty board member Saad al-Mana told the Gulf Times on the sidelines of the expo that the new products will help strengthen the company’s presence in the Qatari market.
Dairy products are produced on Mazzraty farms where they are processed using state-of-the-art technology, adhering to the highest quality standards. In order to guarantee 100% natural products without the presence of chemicals or antibiotics, Mazzraty processes dairy products without human interaction.
Mazdraty also specializes in the poultry and vegetable production sector. The company follows a fully eco-friendly production cycle while trying to raise environmental awareness and encourage the Qatari community to be part of sustainable development and fight against climate change.
In addition to dairy products and soft drinks, Mazzraty’s poultry products include whole fresh chicken, fresh chicken wings, necks, thighs, whole thighs, fillets, gizzards, hearts, livers, feet, drumsticks, breast fillets and mixed parts. The pavilion features Mazzraty Fresh Chicken Ground Meat and Chicken Shish Tawook.
Mazzraty floral honey and sidr honey flowers have also found a place in the company pavilion where date varieties, including premium Mazzraty dates, are available. Date varieties include Zahidi, Malaki, Khudry, Safaawy, Sukkary, Suqa’ey, Khalas, Fard, Barny and Berhi. A special space is reserved for fresh vegetables, including parsley, eggplant, beans, cucumber, squash, tomato and okra.
Visitors can also find fertilizer and feed for pigeons, fish, dogs, dairy products, sheep and goats, horses, ducks, calves, camels and broilers. Mazdraty’s organic fertilizer also went on sale.
Kidzania partnered with Mazzraty at the expo to give kids first-hand experience of farming and dairy farming using augmented reality, a blender bike, arts and crafts.
Mazzraty offered visitors the opportunity to experience the most exquisite dishes cooked by chef Ahmed Al Zamel, who, among other things, introduced the “magic combination” of Mazzraty eggplant and Mazzraty minced chicken.

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