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“…we can help growers reduce their fertilizer bills while achieving high yields…”

Columbus, Ohio, February 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Meristem Crop Performance Group ( and Talc United States(, have joined forces in a strategic product development agreement focused on the use of Talc the United States world-class talc-graphite seed flow platform to deliver a wide range of new in-furrow products to improve crop performance and reduce crop nutrition costs.

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“We started working with Talc United States about a year ago and we are thrilled to officially extend our relationship,” says Mitch Eviston, Founder and CEO of Meristem. “Talc United States has over 10 years of research showing how their superior seed lubricants not only improve seed placement and crop stand, but are a highly efficient and convenient way to deliver beneficial technologies directly into the furrow. »

Eviston says the initial collaboration produced HOPPER THROTTLE™, an improved plant tub treatment for corn and soybeans. The system combines 80/20 graphite talc, micronutrients and packaged organics to make life easier for the farmer, provide yield increases of 4-8 bu./A and reduce overall fertility costs. Since 40% of farmers don’t use a liquid-in-furrow system on their planters, Eviston says they work with Talc United States is key to ensuring that farmers can harness beneficial new technologies in a way that fits the way they work.

“Efficiency and effectiveness are at the forefront of all my decisions,” says Brian Armstrongwho cultivates near Ogallala, Nebraska. “Our CCS seeders need a high quality lubricant to operate effectively, and HOPPER THROTTLE is exactly that, and the effectiveness of combining talc with a microbial product just makes sense.” Armstrong says weather is the key issue during planting season.

“The ability to apply the desired biological package, at the right time, without additional equipment or labor is critical,” he says. “Meristem makes great products with a common sense approach and I look forward to using their products again this year.”

Steve Johnsonfounder and CEO of Talc United States, says the alliance with Meristem will accelerate the introduction of promising microbial solutions to market and expand the reach of beneficial products to more farmers. “As a farmer myself, I’m always looking for ways to improve efficiency and grow a bigger crop. This led us to spend over a decade researching fluidity technology which helps growers perform at their best and increase yields with active ingredients delivered to the I am excited to expand our product portfolio with Meristem and our key partners and tap into their reseller network by full growth.”

Eviston says this is another big step forward in Meristem’s mission to create a pipeline connecting the latest R&D to 20 million acres of row crops and beyond. “We believe this may be the ultimate carrier for synthetic and organic active ingredients that will improve plant health, promote rapid emergence, improve nutrient use efficiency and control harmful pests,” he said. he declares.Our Meristem agricultural business dealer network is growing rapidly and provides a streamlined path to aggressively expand the improved planter treatment market. »

With registrationhigh fertilizer costs loom in the 2022 planting crop season, Eviston says there’s never been a more urgent time for new products that help farmers get the most out of every dollar they spend on fertilizer. Therefore, a specific area of ​​product development will focus on microbes added to seed flow products that help plants fix nitrogen and release phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients.

“We can help growers significantly reduce their fertilizer bills while achieving high yields,” he says. “The fertilizer industry has overconsolidated at the expense of the American farmer and it is time to fight back with the use of organics. This has certainly fueled our energy to launch several new organics, such as EXCAVATOR™ and REVLINE ADVANCE™ which are designed to help farmers reduce the use of traditional synthetic fertilizers in some cases. the United States help, we can put more in the pipeline. »

To learn more about Meristem’s HOPPER THROTTLE™ and REVLINE HOPPER THROTTLE™ formulations for corn and soybeans, and to locate a dealer near you, visit

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Talc United States was founded on the belief of helping the American farmer increase his income per acre by fortifying produce with new technologies and keeping his produce 100% made in the United States. Thanks to research, investment and partnership with its network of competent dealers, Talc United States continues to bring new and innovative products to market. The company is based in Page, NA. For more information, visit Talc on the Web at

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