Municipality says land invasion caused delays in services


MATSAFENI – This follows heavy rains that caused havoc in their area. According to residents, since the onset of heavy rains in late 2021, they have not received assistance to repair the infrastructure that was destroyed.

Some of the roads in the area have been washed out, houses are destroyed and some community members say they cannot drive their vehicles into their yards. Matsafeni is a township that started with land invasion.

CoM Spokesperson Joseph Ngala said most townships formed by land invasion by Matsafeni community members do not understand the challenges of land invasion.

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“Land encroachment issues are a serious concern to us all over the city. For a very long time we have been calling on communities to refrain from this, but with very little success. “There are so many areas that are being invaded that communities request services that are unbudgeted and, in many cases, not even paid for.”

“The land invasion has caused enormous pressure in the infrastructure of services, that people illegally connect to the infrastructure, resulting in failure of infrastructure and non-generating water and electricity revenue, which poses serious problems for the financial situation of the city.” According to a community member who spoke on condition of anonymity, some people open the dam near the airport whenever it overflows during heavy rains, causing their homes and roads to be blocked. carried away by water.

“The local municipality in the town of Mbombela does not want to help us repair the damage caused by the water. “Every time the dam near the airport overflows, they open it and the water does huge damage on our side. Our houses and the bridges fall. It’s a huge setback for us because we spent a lot of money to build these houses.

“We discussed this with the municipality but they don’t want to help us. We don’t understand what this delay is because they helped to install the electricity first,” he said. Ngala said one of the biggest problems in the area is that Matsafeni is mainly an agricultural area.

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