NI’s Only Horse Loggers – RJ Woodland Services Builds Valuable Relationships


Founded in 2005 and based in Omagh, County Tyrone, RJ Woodland Services is one of the largest privately owned forest management companies operating in Northern Ireland.

With clients ranging from farmers and small private landowners, to large private estates and public bodies, to charities such as The Woodland Trust.

RJ Woodland Services can offer a full range of forest management and contracting services to woodlot owners and aims to provide the highest quality of service.

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Ross pictured with Irish Cobs Billy and Dan.

The forests entrusted to them are managed to high standards. It is a testament to their foresters and workforce that they still fulfill contracts for many of their earliest customers dating back to the early days of the business.

“Many of our competitors only harvest timber from sites and wooded areas where the machines operate easily,” they explain. “However, some of our customers need their forest to be thinned, regardless of the terrain, the volume of wood, etc. This is where our diverse line of equipment comes into play. Not only do we have a harvester and timber hauler for larger commercial sales, we have a tractor with crane trailer and winch, excavators with grapples/shears and even two horses!

“We are the only horse cutters in Northern Ireland and use two Irish Cobs – Billy and Dan.”

RJ Woodland Services is one of the few forest management companies to employ its own workforce, with currently 12 employees employed in the company, including two foresters and clerical staff.

“We believe that our personal approach provides our clients with the best possible service, enabling us to establish valuable relationships that we have built over many years,” they add.

– Creation of a new woodland

– Management plans – thinning regimes, clear cuts, restocking

– Timber marketing – get the best return from your harvest.

– Forest inventory, surveying and measurement

– Continuous cover forestry

– Complete woodlot management

– Thinning – removal of a percentage of the trees – poor quality, double stems and overbearing trees that suppress the harvest

RJ Woodland Services is a member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, Confederation of Forest Industries (ConFor), Royal Forestry Society (RFS) and British Horse Loggers.

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