Pasture Raised Chicken Company Pasturebird showcases range at 2022 Natural Products Expo West


Pasturebird recently unveiled its Automated Range Coop (the ARC), a 7,500 square foot mobile, floorless, solar-powered structure that moves 6,000 chickens to fresh pasture each day – in just five minutes – a major and necessary upheaval in breeding. ARC gives chickens the benefits of living and eating fresh pasture while protecting them from predators and harsh weather. These practices also allow for a consistent and uniform distribution of fertilization, leading to significant results in regenerative agriculture, increased product nutrient density, and improved animal and farmer welfare.

“We are thrilled to be attending Expo West for the first time,” said Paul Greive, co-founder of Pasturebird. “It’s amazing to go from having 50 chickens in our backyard to becoming the largest pastured poultry producer in the world and launching our retail program here at Expo West.”

Pasturebird started as a way for our family to eat better and feel better with 50 chicks in our own backyard, and kind of grew into a full-fledged business. We believe everyone should have access to nutritious, ethically produced food. That’s why we’re so proud of all that Pasturebird stands for. A fully transparent business with open doors and coops so you can see how much we care about the animals we raise. With a daily regimen of fresh air, sunshine, movement, a nutrient-dense diet and humane living space, our birds are naturally content with enhanced health and immune systems so we can avoid having to use things like drugs, antibiotics, or other weird synthetics. thing.

Pasturebird offers a variety of cuts of pastured chicken available directly to consumers nationwide at and wholesale to foodservice and retailers. Learn more about Pasturebird’s retail product line and virtually step into its Automated Range Coop at Expo West booth #N234.

About grazing birds
Pasturebird is on a mission to revolutionize agriculture by applying modern technology to ancient farming methods and making high pastures more affordable and accessible to everyone. Believing in the regenerative power of pasture-raised chickens for the land, the animals and the community, his goal is to improve animal husbandry standards and revolutionize farming from a man-made depletion system. to a natural ecosystem of perpetual regeneration and reconstitution. To learn more about Pasturebird, please visit

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