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Raipur: Indira Gandhi Agricultural University and Dau Shri Vasudev Chandrakar Kamdhenu Vishwavidyalaya have been given the task of technically testing the use of cow urine, according to an official statement.
The work proposed for the two universities has been divided into 12 points. This includes items ranging from compiling research papers to researching and certifying the quality of cow urine products. Universities will also prepare a list of farmers, groups and institutions producing such products, in addition to documenting the success of cow urine products in agriculture, manufacturing and quality testing of cow urine products. cow urine drawn.
The research will also verify low-cost point tests for cow urine purity testing in the field, observational testing of cow urine products in agriculture/horticulture/forage crops, economic evaluation and identification of chemicals that can be replaced by cow urine products. , certification of cow urine products and capacity building of farmers and agricultural development field officers. The 12-point action plan will be implemented within a set timeframe.
The decision to buy cow urine was made after the success of buying cow dung from Gauthans and using it to make organic manure like vermicompost and supercompost. As the state moves towards organic and regenerative agriculture, the state government has now decided to promote the use of cow urine for agricultural activities. Before introducing this initiative to farmers, scientific testing of the effect of cow urine on farms is assured, officials said.
Taking a step forward in initiating the process of cow urine supply and promoting its use in agricultural activities, Chhattisgarh is preparing a detailed action plan with the assistance of the Department of Agricultural Development, Well -be farmers and biotechnology.

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