Relive the past: old farm equipment on display in Bend


“They’re kind of a ghost from a bygone era,” says Michael Lockling

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) –To preserve and revive history, the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association club in central Oregon collects a variety of old engines, tractors and antiques once used in everyday life, and does whatever it takes to get them or keep them in working order.

A member, Michael Lockling, hosted “Lockling’s Old Iron Show” at Bend Sunday to feature many articles and show how some work. He says the event takes place five to six times a year and is hosted by various club members.

“We find old, rusty, archaic coins, and no one cares. We take them out of the fields, and we run them and go, ”Lockling said.

Lockling says he spends much of his time making machines, using old, antique parts.

“At first, farmers built their own tractors and implements,” Lockling said. “And so every winter I build a new machine and found this motor at an auction that was stuck and not working, and I got it okay – collected parts, made parts and made this tractor. “

He says many pieces in the collection are collected throughout the county, much of it being traded, bought, and sold with different clubs.

“A lot of these guys are still pulling them out of the mines in Nevada, where they were left 100 years ago,” Lockling said.

He explained how special it is to bring preserved parts and engines to shows, where people have never experienced the sights and sounds they offer.

“There are a lot of people alive today who don’t understand what people should do, do simple things like pump water, grind grain, saw firewood,” he said. . food and keep warm at the time. They are a kind of ghost from a time gone by.

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