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If you are interested in European agriculture and the journey of agricultural products from farm to fork, Eurostat has the perfect event for you. Join us for a webinar on February 24 to learn more about the publication “Key figures of the European food chain”.

The online webinar will be streamed on Eurostat’s website and Eurostat’s Facebook account, and is open to anyone interested, from agriculture enthusiasts to statisticians and journalists, and you don’t have to need to register. The event will start at 11 a.m. with Viveka Palm, Director of Sector and Regional Statistics, and will be followed by Edward Cook from the Agriculture and Fisheries Statistics Unit, who will present the publication ‘Key Chain Figures European food” and results. It will be possible to ask questions about the publication.

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This publication published in December 2021 focuses on the European farm-to-table chain and features intuitive visualizations and innovative data presentations. It includes an overview of the structural aspects of agriculture as well as primary agricultural and fisheries production, as well as the processing, trade, distribution and consumption of food and beverages. The publication also highlights the environmental issues related to certain stages of the food chain.

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