Scientists’ services are vital for the production of quality seeds: minister


LAHORE: The 121st Board Meeting of Punjab Seed Corporation was held on Saturday under the chairmanship of Punjab Agriculture Minister Syed Hussain Jahania Gardei. Issues related to the agricultural sector were discussed during the meeting.

Addressing the meeting, Provincial Minister of Agriculture Syed Hussain JahaniaGarsi said that Punjab Seed Corporation plays a pivotal role in providing quality and cheap seeds to farmers. He stressed that the PSC should use the services of research institutions and scientists to increase the production of quality seeds.

With the approval of the board members, he ordered the Punjab Seed Corporation to assign responsibility to the farm managers for the losses incurred in the farms and instructed the Managing Director of PSC to resolve the problem of abandonment of the occupied lands of Punjab Seed. company as soon as possible.

The provincial minister said the issue of the 17% GST levied on local seeds would be taken up with the federal government. Allowing the hiring of professionals to improve the management sector, he said the PSC should set minimum goals and standards for all departments working under its supervision so that only hard-working and capable employees can get bonuses and rewards.

Syed Hussain Jahania Gardei further stated that Seed Corporation needs to streamline all its positions so that the process of recruiting eligible people for the important vacancies can be completed. On the occasion, Punjab Agriculture Secretary Asad Rehman Gilani said that the Punjab Seed Corporation should prepare a workable business plan and present it at the next board meeting. He said PSC employees could achieve their goal by increasing the existing salary package instead of the planned salary package.

The Agriculture Secretary said the Seed Corporation should ensure it sells its existing stock of 3,400 bags of seed at market price. Furthermore, he ordered to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Kala Shah Kaku Rice Institute for the preparation of hybrid seed for rice cultivation.

Earlier, Managing Director of Punjab Seed Corporation, Fazlur Rehman gave a detailed briefing to the participants of the meeting on Wheat Seed Sale, Quality Seed Production and Dissemination Programme, Kharif Crop Supply and the status of Rabi crop multiplication, Kharif crop sales rates and imposition of sales tax on seed sales for FY 2021-22. He further briefed the meeting on recruitment for critical vacancies and upgrading Store Clerks from BS-7 to BS-9.

The meeting was attended by Secretary Agriculture Punjab Asad Rehman Gillani, Managing Director of Punjab Seed Corporation Fazlur Rehman, Board Members Javed Qureshi, Malik Aftab Kachchi, Asif Majeed, Madam Rabia Sultan and senior staff from P&D Department, C&W and Finance.

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