Sims 4 Farming, Activities & Animal Raising Shown In Cottage Living Video


A new video for the upcoming Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion has revealed more about farming, canning, cross stitching, and how to raise animals.

EA and The sims 4 the team released a new video showing the content and gameplay coming with the next expansion pack, Villa. The upcoming pack offers new farming abilities and promotes the life of the land. Players can create their own preserves, care for animals including llamas, and grow fresh vegetables. Previous pack reveals have been successful, with Sims fans are already impressed by The Sims 4 Cottage Life.

The sims 4 has seen several new packs and kits released since the base game’s launch in 2014. These optional DLC packs introduce new neighborhoods, gameplay elements, Create-A-Sim elements, and more. However, many fans still believe the game needs some significant gameplay changes, often comparing it to The sims 3. It is widely believed that the third main installment of the franchise offered more in-depth gameplay experiences compared to its successor, with more playability options and a better opportunity for storytelling in the game. day have resolved complaints of lack of gameplay in The sims 4, but we hope that Villa and the introduction of agriculture could be a game-changer for gamers.

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In the last Villa video shared on Twitter, EA and the Sims The team offers a deeper look at the features the pack will introduce. Set in the fictional world of Henford-on-Bagley, the strongly British-inspired expansion promises a “cozy” experience, showing well-to-do villagers having a drink or two in the local bar after shopping at a local bar. local fruit and vegetable stand. The video showcases canning, allowing Sims to create different canned creams, jams, and vegetables. It is not clear if canning will be a new skill or if it will be part of the existing Cooking skill set. Canned products can be used as a cooking ingredient, although they can also presumably be sold or offered instead. The video also shows that llamas, a new addition to the game, can be shaved for wool, which is then used for cross stitch. The cross stitch will likely be similar to the knitting ability added in the Clever Knitting Tips Pack. There will be 34 different designs for Sims to cross stitch, and in the video finished pieces are shown decorating the walls of a Sim’s house.

The cultivation of vegetables will also be a highlight of the Villa pack. In the new gameplay video, The Sims grow pumpkins, eggplants, watermelons and more. As with existing gardening projects, these can be used in the kitchen or sold. Another novelty Sims 4 In addition, the animal shelter can be used to house cows and llamas. The video shows Sims milking their cows, one of which has rainbow markings, while a llama is shown wearing sunglasses. If large animals are not to the liking of gamers, a chicken coop is also entering the game, introducing both eggs and chicks. In the Sims 4 Country House clip, a toddler is shown hugging the chicken, suggesting it will look more like a pet and not just an object. The video also describes a competitive event called the Finchwick Fair. Although details are scarce on the Fair’s gameplay, it may be similar to the existing one. City life Festivals. With the new gameplay elements, The Sims 4 Cottage Life will also come with cottage-style building and shopping items and several Create-A-Sim outfits. The video shows a quick look at some of the new Build Mode items, which offer quaint and cozy designs for builders to bring their charming and healthy cottages to life.

The sims 4 continues to grow and improve with regular fixes and updates. EA recently revealed a laundry list of Sims 4 issues that are currently under investigation, including bugs that blacken Sims teeth and make teens wrinkle. Despite the inevitable bugs that accompany every new pack launch, gamers are hoping that Villa could be the expansion they were waiting for. Players who buy The Sims 4 Cottage Life Before September 2, you’ll also receive bonus content, including the Pedal Bike, Gnome Statue, and Lighted Tree.

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The Sims 4 Cottage Life will be released on PC via the Origin and Steam platforms, PlayStation and Xbox on July 22.

Source: The Sims / Twitter

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