Success Story of Agromet Advisory Services in Cachar District, Assam


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Agromet Advisory Services is a new step towards the agricultural community. It is the one-stop-shop solution for all questions related to fluctuating weather conditions and crop, livestock and fishery management. Crop loss can be reduced by doing proper crop management in time through accurate weather forecast. The preparation of the agromet advisory bulletin and its dissemination is the main objective of Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa (GKMS). The Agromet Advisory Service (AAS) bulletins are prepared by the agromet advisory board, which consists of scientists from various disciplines of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and district agricultural officers.

These AAS bulletins are being prepared and published in English as well as local languages. AAS bulletins are prepared twice a week, ie Tuesday and Friday. Timely dissemination of AAS bulletins to beneficiaries is very important. Weather forecasts and advisories are given to progressive farmers, NGOs and other stakeholders by phone and SMS. Once farmers have received the forecast and agro-advice, they can plan their farming operations and make decisions accordingly. In addition, agricultural advisory bulletins were also disseminated through print media (newspapers), radio and TV programs all over India (local or regional cable, TV, Doordarshan, etc.).

In Cachar district, Gramin Krishi Mausam Seva (GKMS) of DAMU (District Agromet Unit) has been working since August 2019. Since August 2019, GKMS has reached 10-15% farmers. At present, we have created a database of 2000 farmers under this service who receive SMS through the mKisan portal and directly on their mobile. About 70-80 progressive farmers, 10-15 media receive notices by phone, whatsapp group, etc.

success story of Agromet Advisory Services in Cachar District of Assam

An important achievement of Agromet Advisory Services of GKMS, DAMU, KVK Cachar was observed during extreme weather events (26and October 2019). Before the extreme weather event (flood), KVK, Cachar provided the weather forecast as well as the agro-advisory bulletin via SMS (2000 farmers) service (via KMAS, mKisan portal, KVK portal), telephone call to progressive farmers (40 -50). The IMD provided rainfall forecasts and recorded rainfall over the 25 periodand at 29and October 2019 mentioned below:


Expected RF (mm)

RF registered (mm)
















Prior to the flood, our GKMS (DAMU) weather forecast and advisories were:

“Light to heavy rain is forecast until the 28thand October 2019. Farmers are therefore advised not to grow rabi and vegetable crops.” Farmers who had followed the advice of Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa from KVK Cachar (DAMU), they were able to save the rabi crops and vegetables from the flood, but those (farmers) had not followed, they suffered huge losses due to crop damage. loss of supervision. About 10 to 15 progressive farmers followed our advice and they were able to save the crops from the flood. And most farmers have suffered huge losses because of their ignorance.

The achievement of the farmer is mentioned below:

Case 1

Ali Ahmed Laskar (9954098207):

Ali from Kashipur partially followed our agro-advisory newsletter during extreme events like floods due to which he suffered huge losses. Without following the advice, he sowed rabi vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, tomato and eggplant) in 3 bigha lands and he got a loss of Rs 30000. At the same time, he did not sow rabi vegetables by following our agro-advisory newsletter during the flood. In this case, he could save the crops from this extreme event which cost Rs. 17500/- per bigha. Following our newsletter, he sowed rabi vegetable in 2 bigha after flood incidence and earned Rs. 110000/-. In this case, the cultivation cost was Rs 17,500/- per bigha and the BC ratio was 3.14.

Horizontal extension:

After realizing the value of Agromet’s advisory services, he himself took the initiative in his village and advised all his fellow farmers to adopt the service. Therefore, almost all the farmers in the village have registered their mobile phone number to access GKMS agro-met advisory service, KVK Cachar. The KVK Cachar provides all relevant weather information and the newsletter to all registered farmers every two weeks free of charge. Based on the notice, farmers prepare their field operations accordingly and protect their products from monitor loss or minimize the loss as much as possible.


Tamizur Rahman Laskar (9613571862):

He is also a progressive farmer from Raipur, Slachapra. He receives our notice from September 2019. During the rabi season, he mainly cultivated potato, cabbage and rajma. Around 3 bigha land and he was using GKMS to provide agro advisory bulletin for growing rabi crops. The cost of cultivation was Rs 17000-18000/bigha. The gain of the three main crops is mentioned below:


Cost: Rs 17000/bigha

Production: 90-95 q/bigha

Profit: Rs 90,000-95,000/bigha (@Rs10/kg)

Benefit: 92,500-17,000 = Rs 75,500/ bigha

B: C=5.44


Cost: Rs 15000/bigha

Production: 25 q/bigha

Profit: Rs 30,000/bigha (@Rs12/kg)

Benefit: 30,000-15,000 = Rs 15,000/bigha

B:C =2.0


Cost: Rs 18000/bigha

Production: 4-5 q/bigha

Profit: Rs 40,000-50,000/bigha (@Rs100/kg)

Benefit: 45,000-18,000 = Rs 27,000/bigha

B:C = 2.5

In 2019, he made more profit of Rs 10,000-12,000/bigha using agro-advisory newsletter than last year (2018). He was able to successfully save crop losses from the extreme event (flood) during Rabi 26and-29and October 2019. It tracks our messages (SMS) and our newsletter


Ejaful Ahmed, P. Chowdhury, Abdur Rahman, Sewali Saikia and Kalyan Dutta

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Cachar, Silchar, Assam

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