Tata Tele Business Services collaborates with Kisan King; Offers an advanced cloud communication suite


Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), a leading digital solutions provider, has partnered with A2Z Agri Technology Pvt Ltd to offer them their cloud-based communication suite called Smartflo Solutions. A2Z Agri Technology Pvt Ltd is also known as Kisan King, a platform that offers solutions and support to farmers to increase yield per acre and minimize input cost.

Kisan King is a state-of-the-art platform that tries to revolutionize the agricultural space and equip farmers with knowledge about the latest agricultural solutions and techniques. The platform assists farmers at every stage of the process from sowing to harvesting through telephone consultation. In addition, Kisan King also provides the last mile delivery service by providing branded yet affordable products regarding nutrition, seeds and crop protection.

Tata Tele Business Services is now collaborating with Kisan King and offering them Smartflo Solutions to revamp their communication and make it more efficient than it already was. With Smartflo solutions, Kisan King will be able to have hassle-free incoming and outgoing call facilities. In addition, Kisan King will be able to entrust its crop advisors with remote work without loss of efficiency.

Dnyandev Warade, Director, A2Z Agri Technology Private Limited, said Smartflo solutions will help them improve team collaboration and flexibility among their crop advisors and sales team. “Our goal is to enable farmers to have a better yield by providing them with assistance on their requests in real time. Smartflo TTBS solutions ensure a faster, smoother and more streamlined call flow system,” Warade said, in a press release. In addition to this, Warade also admitted to maintaining a higher call response rate because the local language IVR made it faster and easier for farmers to contact them.

“We strive to partner with Kisan King and support them with our innovative Smartflo solution, in their wider mission to help improve yields and farmers’ lives,” said Mannu Singh, Vice President of Tata Teleservices. . The Smartflo solution can be configured very quickly and does not require any additional installation costs. “At TTBS, we are focused on providing technology solutions that can help businesses reach and impact even at the local level,” Singh added.

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