The Fiji Times »New Irrigation Project to Boost Agricultural Activities in Vuqele Settlement


The well-being of Fijians in rural and maritime areas remains a key priority for the Fijian government as a cornerstone for continued growth.

As a hub of essential primary economic activities such as agriculture, these rural and maritime communities play a vital role in the country’s overall development agenda.

This was underlined by the Minister of Waterways, Environment and Agriculture, Dr Mahendra Reddy, during the commissioning yesterday of a multi-purpose irrigation project for farmers from Vuqele to Tavua.

During his remarks, Dr Reddy said the project will improve agricultural activities in Vuqele settlement, ensuring that the community will also actively contribute to the growth and expansion of the agricultural sector.

The need for easy access to water for rural communities as a determining factor of people’s livelihoods through agricultural production, socio-economic development and environmental protection was noted by Dr Reddy.

“Our government is committed to creating critical infrastructure in rural areas through which we support rural agricultural production,” said Dr Reddy.

Dr Reddy reiterated that the irrigation projects will boost the settlement’s agricultural activities and benefit more than eighty farmers, determining the livelihoods livelihood through food and agricultural production.

“This project will help to better organize rural farmers through cluster agriculture, provision of extension services, farm access roads, irrigation, mechanization, marketing support and farm development. exports, ”said Dr Reddy.

The $ 30,684.43 The Vuqele Multipurpose Irrigation Project will benefit more than eighty farmers in the colony and help them cultivate crops, increase yields, improve soil fertility and improve animal production.

Meanwhile, Dharmesh Chand, a 49-year-old Vuqele resident, a herder and farmer, acknowledged the government’s help as it would further boost agricultural activities in Vuqele encampment.

“Farmers had started to lose hope as we were facing dead livestock and rotten crops due to the impact of the drought,” said Chand.

“The irrigation project now means that farmers will no longer have to worry about the death of livestock or the rotting of crops, as their problem has now been solved by the Ministry of Waterways,” he said. he declares.

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