The main agricultural activities of Stardew Valley are still missing


The critically acclaimed farming simulator Valley of stars may have a huge list of farming tips and tricks to get the best produce, but the game still lacks essential components.

Agriculture in Valley of stars has a steep learning curve for new players, but it becomes one of the easiest features for returning players. For those who return for repeat games, it becomes evident that farming takes a back seat to the rest of the game. Activities such as winning the hearts of the people of Pelican Town, venturing into the mines, fishing and completing the community center packs are sure to amuse farm players. Farming has elements, such as gathering enough resources to build a barn or chicken coop. The problem with farming is that it quickly becomes a repetitive loop and doesn’t allow for any diversified play.

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Herbs, spices and cooking


Some cultures in Valley of stars sell more than others according to the time they take to develop. Some crops take half a season to grow, and most crops only grow in a particular season. This means that each season has a limited style of play for dealing with crops. Players can invest in a greenhouse that allows crops to grow year round, which is very useful for cooking recipes in Valley of stars. However, there is a disparity in the kitchen, especially when it comes to the mechanics of gardening.

Yes Valley of stars continues to update, add herbs and spices in agricultural and culinary mechanics. Adding herbs and spices would increase the number of recipes available and help increase the quality of the dishes. Ensuring quality gold and iridium dishes would greatly increase early game profits. Increasing the quality of the dishes would also help players in the mines by maximizing energy and health points and ensuring faster hearts with residents of Pelican Town. There are many other ways that kitchen mechanics Valley of stars could improve agriculture.

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Trade and barter of goods

Giving is, most of the time, a one-way transaction at ConcernedApe Valley of stars. And while it’s rewarding to learn about each character by unlocking cutscenes, few other players can do with items and then sell them. A trading market could solve this problem by allowing players to trade any gear for something else they need.

There are many situations in Valley of stars where players will find a mismatch of some required items early in the game. Including a marketplace or trading goods and bartering with shop owners outside of the traveling cart and the desert merchant would be an easy way to address these disparity issues. For example, Haley likes sunflowers that only grow in summer. So if players want to continue gifting Haley sunflowers, players will need the greenhouse or stock up ahead of time. If there was a market or trading system, players could potentially exchange crops or materials for items they need more urgently at any time. The market could be once a week, but it would still open up the possibility of exchanging seeds or rare items for items that players don’t need. There is technically a trading system with the Desert Vendor, but many of his items require a lot of monster parts.

Breeding competition

Stardew Valley barn animals outside

Many players will start acquiring livestock around the summer of the first year after building a barn or chicken coop in Valley of stars. Each animal in the player’s cattle requires special attention to acquire more hearts. Filling the heart gauge with cattle allows them to produce better quality items such as milk and eggs. At the end of the third year, the player’s grandfather will assess the progress of the farm. It is imperative to have full heart points with the cattle to ensure a higher score. Other than these two things, the player’s relationship with the cattle ends there.

Something that could make the cattle even more useful would be to include a cattle contest. It can become tedious to tend cattle late in the game, especially when they start to breed. An annual cattle competition with a reward would inspire players to take care of the livelihoods of the Valley of starsanimals. It would also guarantee players better quality breeding products all year round, which means better quality dishes, which means more money for more projects.

Valley of stars is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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