TTD action plan to promote Panchagavya products


Tirupati: TTD Managing Director Dr. KS Jawahar Reddy said an action plan has been prepared to promote Panchgavya products as a cottage industry in Goshalas in the state and increase ghee production with an approach multi-pronged.

Speaking to the media after inspecting SV Goshala and holding a meeting with officials here on Saturday, the EO said that TTD had decided to increase the production of desi ghee to 60kg which is necessary for Kainkaryams (rituals ) and the daily Prasadams in the Tirumala temple. As a result, 500 more desi purebred cows will be added with donor support to increase daily milk production at TTD gosala which will help increase ghee production to the required amount (60 kgs), he said. said informing that to start with TTD in coordination with SV Veterinary University obtains 65 cattle of Kankrej, Sahiwal and Gir breeds from North India.

The 500 desi cows would give 3,000 liters of milk per day to produce 60 kg of ghee, he explained while informing that TTD was planning to set up a ghee production plant in Goshala.

The ghee produced will be used for the temple while other products, buttermilk and curd, will be used for Anna Prasadam for pilgrims. For the purpose of in-house breeding of desi cows through artificial insemination, a research laboratory has been set up at SV Veterinary University to breed high-yielding cows, he said.

Apart from increasing the production of ghee for its needs, TTD, as per the agreement with Rythu Sadhikara Samstha, had so far donated 1,100 cows and 600 bulls to farmers to promote organic farming and farmers have successfully used cow urine and dung as manure to augment organic products. production.

TTD, for its part, to promote organic products, plans to purchase 7,000 tons of pulses from organic farmers and the process has already started, EO said, adding that TTD has also set up a Goshalas development program in through the PA with a nodal Goshala in some districts through which production of Panchagavya products will be resumed. Furthermore, a training institute will be set up in Tirupati or Palamaner (Chittoor district) to train Goshala operators in the production of Panchagavya products. ISKCON will assist TTD in conducting the training program. Additional EO AV Dharma Reddy, SVVU Vice Chancellor Padmanabha Reddy, Extension Director Venkat Naidu and Goshala Director Dr. Harnath Reddy were present.

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