UK farm policies are contradictory, says NFU chief

The BBC reports that speaking at the National Farmers Union conference on Tuesday, NFU chairwoman – Minette Batters, said farming faced major challenges in “an increasingly unstable world “.

She highlighted the challenges of food production, trade and labour.

Environment Secretary George Eustice (Con) has defended the Government’s position and presented further funding of £48.5million to industry, including plans for a financial support scheme for farmers in the sectors porcine, bovine, ovine and poultry.

Based on animal health and welfare, the program will fund investments such as equipment and technology or infrastructure upgrades.

While the NFU president welcomed the increase in funding, she was particularly critical of the situation in the pork industry, which she said “could have been avoided”.

The National Pig Association (NPA) said the current backlog of pigs on the farm is estimated to be at least 200,000 and at least 35,000 animals have been destroyed.

Ms Batters pointed out that ‘this is due to the government’s ill-conceived change in immigration policy’.

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BBC- UK farm policies are contradictory, says NFU chief

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