UVM Extension is looking for farmers for an ecosystem services survey


BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – Vermont Farmers Asked to complete a survey about getting money back for making environmental changes.

The state is considering compensating farmers for work they may be doing on their land, such as soil health, conservation easements, or wetland restoration or conservation, to name a few. .

The idea is that performance in terms of soil health or other environmental benefits will be measured and compensated at a predetermined rate.

The state has a task force that is determining how a Payments for the Ecosystem (PSE) program might work, and the UVM extension is responsible for providing information to the task force through an investigation that takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

“This is just one step on the way where clearly if we want to develop a program that farmers are enrolled in, we need to hear from farmers,” said Heather Darby of UVM Extension. “We really need to understand what their level of interest is in enrolling in a program that involves enrolling in a program that pays for ecosystem services and how they would feel they would, like do they think that they could reach the parameters.”

The survey is currently open to the entire farming community.

It’s online, but if you need a hard copy, the Extension can provide it.

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