Vegan activists suggest taxing meat and dairy among election proposals


Two of the leading local voices of veganism and animal activism in Malta, Veggy Malta and Animal Liberation, have presented some issues related to veganism in Malta to consider during the election campaign, including the taxation of meat and dairy products .

Veggy Malta coordinator and vegan activist, Darryl Grima, said that “we have compiled a list of ethical recommendations for political parties based on the four ethical pillars of veganism: social justice, environmental justice and animal justice and human health”.

“By doing everything, we can ensure a better society for all; people, animals and all biodiversity.

Haroon Ali, Animal Liberation Malta campaigner, also said that “as vegans and animal rights activists, our recommendations aim to ensure that animals and their needs are put on the political agenda” .

Together they decided to come up with a list of recommendations to help make Malta more vegan friendly.

1. Food

“The introduction of a meat and dairy tax should aim to help cover the real health and environmental (in terms of climate change) costs of using animals as food. Just as cigarettes are subject to excise duty, so are meat and dairy products.

“In addition, the same type of health warning found on cigarettes should be placed on red and processed meat and dairy products. The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated red and processed meat as a carcinogen.Plus, we all know that dairy products are known to be a key cholesterol trigger.

“All plant-based milk should be zero-VAT, just like animal-based milk currently is.”

“State-owned public places such as hospitals, aged and disabled care services, prisons, schools, defense forces and government-funded events should ensure that they provide appropriate herbal options.”

“Additional catering establishments in state-owned premises like the hospital that treat cholesterol-related issues should also offer plant-based alternatives to milk.”

2. Farming

“A halt to new animal breeding farms and, furthermore, farmers should be supported in the transition from animal agriculture to a new sustainable plant-based agriculture.”

“The same farms that currently house abused animals can be transformed into hydroponic farms that can help increase our food security.”

“The state should create a fund to help new start-ups invest in research and development of cultured meat and plant-based alternatives to meat.”

“Malta is also expected to join a number of other EU countries that have banned the farming of fur animals.”

3. Animals

“No new zoo licenses are to be issued. For a small island like Malta, there are already too many zoos. Additionally, there should be a ban on the sale and trade of exotic animals.

“The phasing out of the old and outdated practice of horse-drawn carriages within 5 years.”

“Anyone wishing to keep an animal will have to apply for a license per animal. The license would require an exam on knowledge of how to care for the animal.

“Rigorous research must be done when animal testing is applied to exhaust all possibilities of an alternative option and demand transparency in all that happens.”

“Designating 50% of our territorial waters as a fishing free zone, creating safe zones for marine life. Additionally, all fishing nets should be microchipped, making them identifiable and easy to locate when lost, reducing the number of ghost nets that indiscriminately kill marine life on the bottom. ‘ocean.

4. Education

“All healthcare professionals should receive education on nutrition and the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Public awareness campaigns on the importance, from a health and environmental point of view, of increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits in the diet to reduce the risk of diabetes and cholesterol.

What do you think of the suggestions from the vegan community?

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